Consultancy for professional service firms

I help law firms to distinctly position themselves and stand out in a crowded market place, by determining and implementing the right communication and marketing tools. You could call it law firm relief (because that is what my clients experience when they can focus on what matters and know that their presence and communication are taken care of).

I work in German or English. Virtually or on-site. As strategic advisor with my own network of professionals or with your service provider.



I am focused on (and passionate about) marketing and business business development for law firms. I am internationally versed and draw on an extensive network of service providers. I develop distinct approaches for each of my clients (and will never feed you cookie-cutter marketing solutions).

Depending on your needs and requirements, I will take on the role of the external consultant, idea generator or sparring partner. I am also pretty brilliant at developing internal structures so that business development remains a nice side dish to your mandate main course.

The aim is results-driven brand communication that reflects your assets and personality and seamlessly integrates with existing structures.

Martina Voll – marketing professional by passion

I pride myself in having worked with the world’s best law firms for over 10 years. My key to success has been forward-looking practicality. When you put aside all differentiations between business development, communication and events, what matters is viewing marketing as an organisation’s unanimous and consistent alignment with market needs. I work to the point and promise not to drown you with endless proposals or empty words. My work is down-to-earth and bullshitless.

In my eyes, marketing must fulfil three requirements. It must be consequent. It must be sustainable. It must suit you – like a glove, like a glove that you love wearing. Marketing shouldn’t feel like an annoying task, but rather something that happens ‘en passant’. If you don’t believe that is possible, I dare you to invite your scepticism to eat a cookie and let us have a chat.

Areas of Consulting

Communication is the reason your clients know just how good you are.

Why do people choose a certain service over another? Perceived quality, credibility, attractiveness and trust obviously pay a huge role. But enumerating those sounds like a collection of buzzwords. The key question is: why do they choose you?

Excellent communication means looking beyond standard concepts and putting a finger (and your entire marketing focus) on that special something. I can help you do it. In the following section I will show you how.

You will find an excerpt from the range of projects I (sometimes together with likeminded and brilliant partners) have had the pleasure to complete.

Spoiler alert: As a lawyer, it is obviously your job to protect your clients’ interests and ensure their privacy. As a lawyer’s faithful companion (no German Shepherds involved), my job is to protect your interests and ensure your privacy. In other words, I shall not name-drop but present my projects in a case study format.


positionierungPositioning your law firm means making sure it’s not just brilliant, but brilliantly different from the competition.


  • Strategic analyses, goal-setting
  • Benchmarking (qualitatively and/or quantitatively comparing your law firm’s positioning to the competition)
  • Definition of strengths and differentiation material
  • Creation of a strategic intervention plan


  • Establishment of the marketing and communication division of a major law firm in the context of the Germany-wide expansion
  • Positioning a German Boutique firm specialised in corporate succession and law of inheritance
  • Moderation of strategy workshops for partners

Business Development

buisness-devBusiness Development means thoughtfully designing your structures according your goals and client needs

Business Development means thoughtfully designing your structures and addressing the essential question whether a division between marketing and business development makes sense.

A differentiation between marketing and business development is significant. While marketing is aimed at commercialising existing offerings, business development focuses on the addition of new, market-aligned business segments. The practical implementation of this differentiation often fails in light of the lack of resources, especially for small to medium-sized law firms. The winning of new offerings for new markets with the goal of competitively developing the law firm can be seamlessly integrated within an existing marketing direction.


  • Business development concepts based on a critical evaluation of relevant targets, markets, sectors, competencies and profitability analyses
  • Observation and research of trends and evolution of relevant industrial sectors, competitive market and/or mandate satisfaction
  • Identification of new areas of business according to existing internal potential
  • Drafting business plans for immediate structural implementation
  • Provision of a twelve-month business intervention calendar including actionable implementation steps that are in alignment with the strategic direction

Strategic Communication

kommunilationCommunication is more than sending a newsletter that gets largely ignored.

Communication is the optimisation of internal and external communication processes and strategic communication measures. This includes your website, public relations and effective event communication. The technical possibilities of today allow an integral approach to communication across online and offline platforms. You no longer have to decide between either a brochure or a social media campaign. Today, purpose, target audience and efficiency dictate the right method of communication.


  • Design briefings
  • Copy for brochures, websites, newsletters and advertisements
  • Development of far-sighted and detailed communication concepts (including done for you tweets and follow-up reminders)
  • Consultation and implementation of adequate tools, the right selection of communication channels and communication activities
  • Identification of key topics and creation of a publication calendar

Case History

  • Copywriting of job advertisements, flyers, websites in German and in English
  • Definition of an adequate template and storyline that can be employed for a series of lectures or a strong theme-based editorial calendar
  • Creation of a monthly newsletter for a medium-sized law firm
  • Communication coaching for a lawyer in preparation of a large speaking engagement
  • Creation of social media accounts, editorial calendars and relevant copy for a specialised German law firm
  • Revision of the social media profiles of the German lawyers of a major international law firm
  • Copy-writing the monthly newsletter of a specialised German boutique firm
  • Editing articles for various clients


beispieleMarketing is about consistency and about taking action that demands attention.

Marketing is much more than a one-time investment in a glossy brochure. Marketing is the consistent implementation of a range of measures that are in alignment with your strategy and positioning. A glossy brochure might be a part of the plan, but perhaps other measures are better suited. The extravagance of a measure is much less important than a positive appraisal with a lasting positive impression by your target audience.

•    Selection of the appropriate marketing instrumentation
•    Conceptualisation of a marketing plan that helps you and your team maintain an overview

  • Editorial handling of submissions for legal directories (JUVE, Chambers et al.) for the German office of a major international law firm
  • Training and supervision of partners of a small German law firm with the aim of creating more efficient marketing support
  • Development of marketing and communication concepts for single lawyers during their formation of company, including monthly reminders and implementation support


I look forward to your call

My favourite way of finding out how I can support you is by having a cup of coffee together. Great coffee is generally the best bribe to summon me almost anywhere, also on short notice.

Martina Voll

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